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ECIS provides client-focused industrial automation solutions and home automation solutions in the UAE. Our engineering team works hand in hand with our clients from design concept through functionality specifications, custom programming, commissioning and continuous support. Our business focus is to transform our clients operational performance through a premium system that is technologically advanced whilst remaining both reliable and user friendly.

When you need smart automation solutions for your business, ECIS is there for you to provide you with the world class solutions. With a local presence of over a decade and a deep & broad pool of expertise, and some of the most experienced and passionate people in the business, ECIS provides you so much more than a quick-fix.

ECIS delivers agile, scalable and secure solutions that don’t just solve current problems, but pre-empt and deter future ones, helping your organization thrive. We are the best in what we do and are well known for providing leading automation solutions and 24/7 support for our clients. We are continuously working to optimize processes to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

What we do?

  • Automation Design (Control logics and Electrical drawings)
  • Automation Construction (Implementing hardware for automation)
  • Energy Optimization (Implementing energy-saving systems)
  • Maintenance of systems (for sustainable results)

Sometimes, just ensuring the right technology for the right purpose is used in the right way, can generate significant results. We provide expertise with all the essentials of automation. Our people take the ownership of what they do, keeping you fully informed, every step of the way.

With an office in Sharjah, ECIS customers across the UAE are provided with unique and innovative control solutions which are individually customized for specific client requirements. Our broad range of services includes;

Technical Consultancy

Project and Design Management

Electrical, Control and Communications

Information Systems

Design Commissioning

From large-scale plants to small, single OEM products, we cover the fundamental steps of process specification, functional specification, code design and implementation, simulation, acceptance testing and commissioning.  Our expertise helps you identify what you need and when you need it, which will in-turn makes a big difference in the entire productivity of your company. So why wait, dial us today to get the best automation solutions from a team of expert automation consultants

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