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A. Periodic Checking Cooling fan and ventilation channel should be cleaned regularly to check it is clear; remove any dust accumulated in the inverter on a regular basis. Check inverter’s input and output wiring and wiring terminals regularly and check if wirings are ageing. Check whether screws on each terminal are fastened.

B. Storage Store the inverter in the original packing case. If the inverter is stored for a long time, power the inverter at minimum intervals of 6 months to prevent the electrolytic capacitors being damaged. The inverter should be powered up for longer than 5 hours. If the inverter is stored for longer than 18 months without powering it up, the capacitors will have to be reformed or damage may occur to the inverter when power is applied.

C. Daily Maintenance Environment temperature, humidity, dust and vibration would decrease the life of inverter. Daily maintenance is necessary to inverters. Daily inspecting: Inspect the motor for unusual noise when it is operating. Inspect for abnormal vibration of the motor when it is operating. Inspect the environmental operating conditions of the inverter. Inspect for proper operation of the fan and inverter temperature.

Daily cleaning: Keep the inverter clean. Clean surface dust of inverter to prevent dust, metal powder, oily dirt and water from dropping into the inverter.

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Technical Specifications

Part Number 10G-35-0400-BF
Brand Parker
Power Supply 230VAC ± 15 % Single Phase
230VAC ± 15 % Three Phase
380-480VAC +10/-15% Three Phase
Input Frequency 44 … 67 Hz
Power Range 0.2 kW … 180 kW
Operating Temperature 0 … 50 °C (IP20 derate above 40°C)
Protection IP20 (0.2 – 180kW) / IP66 (0.4 – 90kW)
Analogue Inputs 2 x (0-10 V, 0 -5 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA)
Analogue Outputs 1 x (0-10 V, 0-20 mA)
Digital Inputs 5 x 24 V DC
Digital Outputs 1 x 24 V DC
Relay Output 1 x 5A at 230 V AC
Communication Interface – RS485 / -MODBUS

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